Ellie Sanderson

Ellie Sanderson is one of the UK’s leading names in bridalwear, with two stunning boutiques, in Beaconsfield and Woodstock stocking some of the best-known and highly acclaimed designers in the world. These include Sassi Holford, Suzanne Neville and Jesus Peiro. There is nothing Ellie doesn’t know about bridal style.

Michele Paradise

Michele Paradise

Michele Paradise has long been known as The Fairy Godmother of Brides because she combines her international modelling career with her work as a personal development coach, helping brides worldwide to walk up the aisle with confidence, know how to pose for the camera and remain calm so that they can enjoy every second of their day.


Jane Helliwell

Jane Helliwell from the Scent Styling creates the most incredible signature scents for your home, your wedding and your life. Give your big day a scent that will be remembered forever and will bring back memories of your special day whenever you smell it. With ready-made heavenly concoctions and a unique-to-you service available, Jane will be talking about the power of scent on the #letstalk stage

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Rebecca Baddeley

Rebecca Baddeley owns one of the biggest boutiques in the UK, offering designs from some of the foremost designers and manufacturers in the bridal industry. The Dressing Rooms Bridal Birmingham have every style of dress for every bride and every budget and there’s nothing Rebecca and her team don’t know about finding you your ‘one’.

Richard Birtchnell the London Toastmaster

Richard Birtchnell

The London Toastmaster has attended over 500 wedding celebrations of all cultures, from the traditional English and Jewish to the dynamic Hindu, Sikh or Muslim. Richard is a Past President of the prestigious Society of London Toastmasters, members of which are the most trusted by leading venues and clients be they royal, diplomatic, corporate or social. His extensive experience as Master of Ceremonies ensures a stress-free event, from the moment guests arrive until the last dance, acting as the couple’s eyes, ears and voice. With twenty years’ experience as Master of Ceremonies, Richard has performed in over 250 venues and offers valuable advice for families planning a wedding they would not expect to hear from other sources! 


Tracy Pallari

Tracy Pallari is the multi award-winning international bridal hair stylist who counts models and influencers as part of her eclectic client base. A teacher as well as a regular session, shoot and salon-based stylist, Tracy is in the perfect position to advice on the best hair care and styling tips for the lead up to your big day. Tracy’s reputation goes before her – she is booked out solidly for months through word of mouth alone.

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Nikita Thorne

With over 26 years of experience, Guides for Brides are experts in the wedding industry. They are a top resource for engaged couples with excellent planning tools and the UK's largest database of wedding venues and suppliers at their fingertips. They've helped millions of couples find their dream wedding team and plan their big day like a pro! Nikita leads the Guides for Brides marketing team and is co-host of Guides for Brides - The Wedding Podcast. She's always on top of the latest wedding trends and is passionate about helping couples to plan their dream event.